We like Irish (Irish Gaelic) and we like comics.  We are interested in having fun with them and reading them.  We read comics and create all sorts of comics, graphic novels and comic books.  We want to make all sorts of comics for people in Irish also.

It’s a great medium to help for people, through reading, to improve or learn their language.  If anyone is intertested in learning a new language, read comics too.  Read them out loud if you prefer.  Why?  Because usually people are talking in conversation in comic books.  And there’s no pressure on anyone.  We hope you enjoy our comics.

We want to do stories for everyone.  But at the moment we are doing Rírá, a comic book for young people in Irish.  We are interested in education, Irish, people reading, bilingualism, the Arts and stories being told through comics.  We want to promote our language and our talent here in Ireland to everyone.

ForasnaGaeilge is helping us put out Rírá.

We will have more here soon.